Caramel Crunch
The ‘Original’ two toasted layers of pecan meringue are sandwiched between alternating layers of smooth buttery caramel and fresh 35% whipped cream –$7.95

Chocolate brownie cheesecake
Rich walnut brownie base baked with a creamy vanilla cheesecake. Adorned with dark chocolate ganache,homemade brownies and buttery caramel. –$7.95

chocolate truffle cake

Creamy hand-folded chocolate truffle, made with fresh 35% whipped cream and chocolate sponge cake are generously covered with a Chocolate glaze. –$7.95

vanilla parfait
Vanilla ice cream topped with raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, nuts and whipped cream. –$7.95

dessert of the day -$7.95

raspberry or lemon sorbet -$6.95