Fritto Pesce – $ 17.95
An assortment of julienne fresh fillet of caribbean grouper, shrimp and calamari, lightly fried, served with our in house garlic and lemon infused tartare sauce. Your choice of original or cajun dusted.

Portabello Mushrooms – $ 11.95
Grilled Portabello then julienned & sautéed with spinach, garlic & roasted red peppers, topped with mozzarella cheese and oven baked.

Fried or Grilled Calamar – $ 12.95
Marinated calamari served with garlic lemon infused tartare sauce and roasted red pepper sauce.

Gabriel’s Crab Cakes – $ 14.95
Fresh Rock and Blue crab meat, breadcrumb crusted, pan seared and oven baked, served on a bed of baby arugula, drizzled with our wasabi mayo.

Beef Carpaccio – $ 15.95
Beef Tenderloin (Canadian Prime), sliced thin and cured with extra virgin oil, herbs, Himalayan pink salt, and black truffle oil, garnished with mesculin mix,capers and padano cheese.

Thai Shrimp & Scallops – $ 17.95
3 Jumbo tiger shrimp sautéed with 2 fresh sea scallops (10/20) in a spicy white wine Thai sauce, served with grilled Italian bread.

Gabriel’s Prince Edward Island – $ 12.95
Mussels Cultivated P.E.I. mussels, sautéed with onion, garlic & herbs in three different sauces: chardonnay cream sauce, a spicy tomato white wine sauce or a coconut curry sauce.

Beef Skewers – $15.95
Three skewers (5 oz total) of USDA Certified Angus beef striploin reserve, grilled, served with a cognac spiced peppercorn sauce.

Tuna Tartare – $17.95
Itsumo Sushi Grade Tuna marinated in a wasabi soy sauce and layered on an avocado and crumbled baked wafer bed, topped with sesame seeds.

Escargot – $11.95
Grilled polenta topped with a sauté of escargots & wild mushrooms in a garlic chardonnay cream sauce.

Wrapped Sea Scallops – $17.50
4 bacon wrapped (10/20) sea scallops oven-baked with a grainy Dijon cream sauce.

Grilled Antipasto – $27.50
Marinated grilled calamari, 3 Sea scallops, 3 jumbo tiger shrimp, smoked Norwegian salmon, Portabello mushrooms, red peppers, prosciutto and grilled sliced tomato, with feta cheese and bocconcini cheese.

Mushroom Crostini – $15.95
Lightly grilled calabrese bread topped with portabello, chanterelle, button, oyster mushroom ragout and drizzled with imported truffle oil and padano cheese.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus – $15.95
Organic asparagus wrapped in imported proscuitto topped with fresh bocconcini cheese oven-baked with a lemon wine sauce with a touch of cream and served with a side of sautéed spinach.

Homemade Gnocchi – $9.95
Potato and ricotta filled Gnocchi tossed in a parmesan sauce topped with prosciutto.